"People often say that this or that person has not yet found herself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates." Thomas Szasz

A few years ago I came into the nickname “Danger”, it was sort of a random set of events that led to the nickname and I hate to admit that there isn’t a very cool story behind me getting the nickname, but I am very grateful to the guy who gave it to me. The name Amy Danger really sticks with friends. I’ve become referred to as Danger, Dange and sometimes Amy Danger, but the name Amy is almost unrecognizable as myself. I also adopted a work nickname, Yam, so I wasn’t even even during the ol’ 9-5. I can’t tell if people stick to the nickname Danger so well because of the irony (I mean, I’m kind of just a little hipster girl with an affinity for lattes) or if people really think that the name Danger fits. While I doubt that Danger sticks out of accuracy and not irony, maybe my friends know something about me that I don’t. Anyway, after 12 years of continuous employment, I’m taking a step back and figuring out how best to move forward in life. Danger v. Danger might represent myself versus the danger of the unknown or it might represent myself versus myself. After all, I am ultimately my biggest obstacle.

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