The Plan

I think the number one question I’m getting is “what do your days look like?” This is a fair question because I guess I don’t know for sure. I’ve been letting my days lead me. The gym is my ticket to sanity for sure, although I’ve developed an unnatural fascination with my gym poodle (the girl who is always at the gym in full makeup and hair sprayed in a poof on top of her head so it doesn’t budge. she stays there for hours and chats with the staff in between exercising up to the point of breaking a sweat, stopping just before she messes up her blush and mascara). I can’t help but wonder if she has a blog. Who is bankrolling this social experiment? Why the makeup? What happens when she finds her gym rat prince charming? Do they get married and get fat or do they continue their romance in spin class until the ‘roids explode his heart and she has to try again? I want to know. I won’t miss a minute of it, so a gym routine is a must to see how that one ends. I mean, for my own physical and mental health too, but I really want to follow her story.

So I’ll wake up usually fairly early, but nothing compared to the 6:00 am I was used to. I drink coffee. Good god, the coffee. Then I go to the gym and maybe accomplish something real (file taxes, optometrist or something else small that feels huge when you’re on vacation mode) and often some friend is available for lunch, so I meet up with them (Joseph, Raquel and Grandpa all made the list this week) and then I might have to take a hearty nap. Say, an hour and half. Then I might hang out with someone in the evening, go to the gym if I missed it in the morning (no worries, the gym poodle is still there) or watch the bachelor and hate myself every minute of it. I seriously think the bachelor might be a liberal this time, though.

While “moving” as a word is no big deal, as an action it is a very big deal. I really hadn’t gotten my freedom going until I was done with that garbage. Big thanks to Jeses for helping me move. I’m finally pretty settled in with Jesse and Leslie and it’s time to get serious about my expectations for this time. So I’m creating a bucket list. A bucket list is a list of things to do before you die, and since returning to work is the equivalent of having no pulse, this is the list of things to do before my life (as a grifter) is over.

dirty shoes (2)

Bucket List

Touch an ocean (any ocean, but a real ocean, not a metaphoric one)

Ski- this half-rate Colorado native has only been skiing once in her life (Thanks to James, this one is as good as done)

Snow Shoe-Because it’s fun and funny

Cross-country ski

Hike Alone-I’m going to be a Boulder resident for a while, some solo hiking is definitely coming

Hike with other people-I do like you, I promise.

Visit Aunt Jean (Talk about The Cosby Show. Rudy’s a bitch. Yeah, I said it.)

Go to the movies alone (it takes guts.)

Visit Liz in Fort Collins(She’s the other half of my orange)

Spend a Monday with Nancy and her Mom (“you’ll learn to cook” keep up on the Spanish and refresh my world view with Nancy aka The Sage)

Stay with Sonam (Sonamita) and get a taste of Nepal “you’ll get so tired of spicy food” (doubtful)

Cleanse. 5 days. Fruits and veggies only. No Coffee (cripes!)

Volunteer for some feel-good shit. No puppies though.

Quit coffee

Eat the Jack Wagon Sandwich in Golden.

Give blood-Seriously, breathing and having a beating heart is just about all I’m good for right now, so someone should benefit from it.

The list is growing, but should start shrinking soon. Let me know if you have any interest in accomplishing these goals with me. I guess we could both go to the movies and refuse to acknowledge each other if that’s the one you want to help me with.

I had some great suggestions for my list: beer tours, write, sleep (check), visit Germany and cyber-stalking celebrity crushes (more twitter, for sure!) .

Never disappointing, Liz put my goals into perspective:

I think my number one goal would be to accomplish a major
 life goal that's always lurked about but something you
 never really thought you'd have time for.

She’s right. She’s always right. And I know what the big one is (besides travel, obvi) . It’s time to make it a priority. Set aside time for this specific goal and get it done. This, my friends, is what we in The Biz* call a cliff hanger; because I’m not ready to share it for fear of failure.

*No matter what the context, when someone says “The Biz”, they are referring to “The Business of being an asshole”

I hope that wasn’t as terrible as the Facebook post “I’m so excited for the news that I can’t give you yet” and I assure you, that while I think the welfare life would be better funded with a baby in hand, becoming pregnant is not on the list as a baby would count as my only carry-on and I need my laptop.

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